Bravery in the

Inclusive Leadership Movement


At the heart of Bravery in the Boardroom lies a journey we have been privileged to navigate from the ground up.

From crafting its logo to managing every aspect of its social media presence, we have played a hands-on role in shaping its identity and voice.

Through live webinars on Zoom and captivating podcasts, we have fostered a space where courageous leaders come together to share insights and inspire one another.


Logo Creation
When we designed the logo for Bravery in the Boardroom, we wanted it to be more than just a symbol - we wanted it to be a statement! That is why we chose to create it in black with three vibrant colours: yellow, pink, and blue. These colours are not just visually striking; they represent diversity and inclusion, two pillars that are at the heart of the movement. By stepping away from the norm and embracing bold colours, we ensured that the logo would stand out and make a lasting impression, just like the values it represents.
Web Design and Development
We created Bravery in the Boardroom's landing page to be more than just a digital doorstep. It is a welcoming space where visitors can learn about the movement's mission, explore its core values, and get to know its founders. But it's more than just information - it is a hub for inspiration and empowerment. With easy access to webinars and podcasts, visitors can dive deeper into the conversation about brave leadership.
Social Media Management
We are the driving force behind Bravery in the Boardroom's online presence, utilising LinkedIn, Instagram, and X to spark meaningful conversations and share valuable insights. From promoting upcoming webinars to sharing key takeaways afterwards, we are committed to keeping the community engaged and inspired.
Content Creation
We designed bespoke outputs to showcase Bravery in the Boardroom's unique offering. Custom graphics and visuals were created to complement social media and website content, ensuring brand consistency and appeal.
Our captivating podcast series, #BITBPodcast, provided a platform for bold leaders to share their stories and insights. Through engaging conversations, we inspired others on their journey toward bravery and leadership excellence.
Photography and Videography
From compelling images to expertly developed videos from events such as the NHS Confederation, we always ensure every Bravery in the Boardroom moment is skillfully captured. Additionally, we have taken professional headshots of all Bravery in the Boardroom guests, adding a personal touch to the engaging #BITBPodcast series and behind-the-scenes content.
Event Management
We pride ourselves on orchestrating seamless experiences for Bravery in the Boardroom, with a highlight being the NHS Confederation event in partnership with Proud2bOps. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we ensured every aspect of the event reflected the initiative's ethos of bravery and leadership excellence. Our team managed logistics, coordinated schedules, and provided on-site support to create a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees.


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Together, we can
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