Changing Lives

Nationwide Charity


Cre8 and Changing Lives joined forces with a shared mission: to uplift communities and amplify positive stories through their online presence.

Together, we embarked on a journey to showcase Changing Lives' culture and share inspiring narratives.

Through strategic collaboration, we harnessed the power of digital platforms to shine a spotlight on their impactful work and foster connections with audiences far and wide.


Social Media Management
Over four weeks, we took the reins of Changing Lives' social media channels, crafting a strategic plan to maximise engagement. With a careful blend of vibrant content, targeted outreach, and community interaction, we breathed new life into their online presence. From sharing inspiring success stories to promoting upcoming events, every post was meticulously curated to spark meaningful conversations.
Content Creation
We created custom graphics to complement Changing Lives' social media posts, ensuring each visual told a unique story. From sharing heartwarming success stories to promoting internal job opportunities, every piece of content was designed to align with their audience and drive engagement.
Photography and Videography
Venturing to Newcastle, we immersed ourselves in the world of Changing Lives, capturing a wealth of real and relevant content. From heartfelt testimonials to vibrant snapshots of community initiatives, every image and video clip told a story of resilience and hope. Our on-the-ground approach ensured authenticity, allowing us to create visuals that truly resonated with their audience. Through our lens, we not only documented their journey but also amplified their message of transformation and empowerment.


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Together, we can
do great things.

© Cre8, 2024

Together, we can
do great things.

© Cre8, 2024