Fire Safety Training


With a unique offering of training delivered by firefighters across various industries in the UK, spanning both public and private sectors, Fireteach sought to stand out in a competitive market.

Our mission was to create a brand that not only reflected their expertise and professionalism but also conveyed their commitment to safety and excellence.

Through strategic branding initiatives, we crafted a visual identity and messaging strategy that resonated with their target audience, positioning Fireteach as a trusted leader in fire safety training.


Logo Creation
We developed two logo variations for Fireteach: a text logo and a symbol logo, each complementing the other. The text logo incorporates the symbol seamlessly within the letter "h," where it cleverly depicts a house and a flame. Together, these logos help Fireteach stand out and tell their story effectively.
Brand Guidelines
In our brand guidelines for Fireteach, we chose colours that speak volumes. The combination of red and yellow serves as a warning, reminding people to stay vigilant against fire hazards. Meanwhile, the addition of grey adds a touch of seriousness, symbolising smoke and enhancing the brand's message. These colours aren't just for looks; they help Fireteach convey their commitment to safety in a powerful way, making their message impossible to ignore.
Web Design and Development
Our mission was to create a user-friendly landing page that effectively showcases Fireteach's training courses while facilitating easy communication with the company. We crafted a visually engaging layout that highlights the key features of Fireteach's courses, using our own photography and videography to bring the message to life.
Photography and Videography
In our photography and videography project, we captured Lee, Fireteach's Lead Instructor, who brings over twenty years of fire industry expertise. Through our images, we showcased Lee's professionalism and passion for workplace fire safety. We also produced a short video demonstrating Lee's engaging teaching style during a training course. These visuals highlight Lee's commitment to creating positive change, reinforcing Fireteach's dedication to excellence in fire safety training.


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