Numoon Yoga

Yoga and Wellness


Cre8 partnered with Numoon Yoga to craft a unique brand tailored specifically for pregnant women, providing a holistic and nurturing experience throughout their journey to motherhood.

Leveraging Cre8's expertise in brand strategy and design, Numoon Yoga was able to establish a unique identity that resonated with its target audience.

From developing a distinctive logo and colour palette to designing thoughtful packaging and marketing materials, Cre8 worked closely with Numoon Yoga to bring their vision to life.


Logo Creation
Understanding the importance of symbolism and aesthetics, we crafted two distinct logo variations, each incorporating a moon phase motif in shades of pink and purple. These colours were carefully chosen to evoke feelings of femininity, tranquility, and nurturing, aligning perfectly with Numoon Yoga's mission to provide a supportive and empowering space for expectant mothers. The moon phase symbolises the journey of pregnancy, with its phases mirroring the stages of growth and transformation experienced by both mother and baby.
Brand Guidelines
Our guidelines encompassed everything from logo usage and colour palette to typography and tone of voice, providing clear direction on how to represent the brand across various channels and touchpoints. We established a soothing colour palette dominated by shades of pink and purple, reflecting the feminine and nurturing essence of Numoon Yoga's offerings. The typography chosen exuded warmth and accessibility, inviting expectant mothers into a supportive and inclusive community.
Content Creation
We focused on designing branded materials for Numoon Yoga that would make a lasting impact at their events. Branded roller banners and business cards caught attention, while notepads and t-shirts kept attendees engaged and connected. We also provided branded water bottles, offering both practicality and promotion. These items collectively reinforced Numoon Yoga's identity, leaving a lasting impression on event attendees and fostering a sense of community around their brand.


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Together, we can
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