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In our partnership with Proud2bOps, we took a comprehensive approach to establish and elevate their online presence.

Beginning with the creation of their logo, we crafted a visual identity that encapsulated their ethos and values. From there, we developed a user-friendly website that served as a central hub for their audience to engage with their services and mission. Additionally, we curated engaging content for their social media channels, including captivating photography and videography, to effectively communicate their message and foster community engagement.

Through our collaborative efforts, we aimed to empower Proud2bOps to connect with their audience and make a meaningful impact in their industry.


Logo Creation
In crafting the logos for Proud2bOps, we didn't stop at just one; we developed a primary logo along with several others tailored for each regional network. This approach ensured that every branch of Proud2bOps retained its distinct identity while still aligning seamlessly with the overarching brand. With careful attention to detail and creative design, we captured the essence of Proud2bOps' values and diversity, allowing them to leave a memorable mark in their industry while maintaining a unified brand presence across various platforms and regions.
Web Design and Development
We embraced a vibrant colour palette for the Proud2bOps website centred around blue and orange hues. These colours not only reflected the brand's energetic and dynamic nature but also ensured consistency and visual appeal throughout the website. With a user-friendly interface and engaging design elements, we created a digital platform that effectively showcased Proud2bOps' services and mission.
Content Creation
We produced an array of materials meticulously designed to capture attention and convey key information effectively. From eye-catching flyers to informative brochures, each piece was crafted with the brand's identity in mind, utilising the signature colours and design elements to maintain consistency. Through our creative content, we aimed to enhance Proud2bOps' visibility, communicate their message clearly, and inspire action among their audience.
Photography and Videography
Our highlight was capturing the Proud2bOps x KPMG event held at KPMG's Birmingham-based office. Through our lens, we documented the energy and enthusiasm of the event, documenting core moments and keynote speeches that emphasised the collaboration between Proud2bOps and KPMG. Our goal was to encapsulate the essence of the event and display the meaningful connections forged between attendees.
Event Management
In our event management portfolio, a standout collaboration was orchestrating the NHS Confederation event in partnership with Bravery in the Boardroom. From coordinating logistics to fostering engaging discussions, our collaboration brought together key stakeholders in the healthcare sector to exchange ideas and insights. The event not only strengthened partnerships but also inspired positive change within the industry.


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Together, we can
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