Tech Canal

Healthcare Technology Consultancy


In collaboration with Tech Canal, our goal was to build a brand that bridges the gap between healthcare professionals and technology innovators.

From crafting a vibrant logo symbolising the merging of healthcare and technology to designing a user-friendly website showcasing partnership opportunities and industry insights, every step was taken with care to reflect Tech Canal's vision for positive change.

Through engaging content and genuine social media interaction, Tech Canal extends a warm invitation to healthcare leaders and tech enthusiasts to come together and shape a future where healthcare thrives through collaboration and innovation.


Logo Creation
We wanted to create something both memorable and modern, so we went with two versions: a symbol and a text logo. The symbol embodies the merging of healthcare and technology, which is what Tech Canal is all about. We chose an orange and pink gradient for its warmth and energy, a nod to the dynamic world of technology. These colours not only make the logo pop but also convey innovation and creativity.
Brand Guidelines
Our goal was to ensure consistency and cohesion across all touchpoints. We established a colour palette featuring the distinctive orange and pink gradient, alongside navy accents, to evoke warmth, innovation, and professionalism. Additionally, we defined typography guidelines, selecting modern and versatile fonts that complement the brand's dynamic personality. With these guidelines in place, the Tech Canal team can confidently maintain brand consistency across all communications, reinforcing their identity as leaders in healthcare technology collaboration.
Web Design and Development
We aimed for a design that seamlessly blended warmth with innovation. We incorporated the brand's signature orange and pink gradient, adding a touch of navy to make key elements stand out. To highlight the technological aspect of healthcare, we curated vibrant images with high contrast, showcasing cutting-edge innovations and futuristic solutions. The result is a visually stunning platform that not only informs but also inspires, inviting visitors to explore the endless possibilities at the intersection of healthcare and technology.
Social Media Management
In managing Tech Canal's social media presence across LinkedIn, Instagram, and X, our focus is on introducing viewers to the company's vibrant culture and providing valuable information. Through engaging posts and stories, we offer insights into Tech Canal's innovative approach to healthcare collaboration, showcasing the team's passion for driving positive change.
Content Creation
Our approach was centred on delivering value and sparking meaningful connections with Tech Canal's audience. We dived deep into topics that aligned with their interests and needs, crafting articles, blog posts, and visuals that informed, inspired, and engaged.
Photography and Videography
Whether it was snapping office photos, conducting team interviews, or filming at healthcare technology events, our goal was to tell a compelling visual story that resonates with Tech Canal's viewers. We carefully curated each shot to showcase the energy, passion, and innovation that define Tech Canal's brand identity.
Event Management
Working alongside Tech Canal and its healthcare technology partners, event management became a vital tool in nurturing collaboration and innovation in the industry. Together, we crafted immersive experiences that united industry leaders, visionaries, and innovators to discover cutting-edge trends and advancements in healthcare technology. Whether it was cosy roundtable discussions or grand-scale conferences, each event was carefully designed to foster connections, exchange knowledge, and forge partnerships for positive change.


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Together, we can
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